Clifton Park, July 2008 - Mom's camera

Some photos by Mom and some by Marianne.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

  1. Picnic lunch at Glimmerglass Opera before "Kiss Me Kate"

  2. Arrive in Clifton Park, Read book

  3. They had a special ramp for the scooter - kids go flying down it

  4. Hollywood starlet

  5. Dismounting her steed

  6. The ever-popular "juice" (everything they drink is named "juice")

  7. Thus fortified ... back on the ramp

  8. Monster Water Slide

  9. The landing

  10. Clever design - you climb up the stairs on the left

  11. Let the games begin!

  12. Ella and Grandma watch

  13. Our first champion!

  14. Another go-round

  15. Our next champion

  16. Fiona checks the line-up

  17. Grandpa and Ella

  18. The last stage in the game ... two kids circling the cloth. Only one will be first to jump on it when the music stops.

  19. Our winner!

  20. Another game, another winner! She collects her prize.

  21. Meanwhile with great decorum the grown-ups munch on dinner

  22. Ella opts for the pizza

  23. Oh the stress

  24. Fiona awards prizes for the scavenger hunt (it seems everyone won!)

  25. Steve keeps an eye out

  26. Kids throng around

  27. Lara and Olivia are seldom far apart

  28. Kathi and next door neighbor Julie

  29. Laying down the law

  30. Asphalt and chalk artist

  31. Charming Olivia

  32. and charming Lara

  33. 29 Spruce Street

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