Way too many pictures from Thanksgiving!

I am beginning to think I need to modernize my method of publishing photos. troutlily.net is just labor-intensive! I know My Public loves it so perhaps I will persevere!

In 2008, we rented a 4-Br condo on the beach in Panama City. Kathi & Lara & Ella & Marianne & Aunt Eileen & Mom & Dad journeyed thence and hung out for a week (although Aunt Eileen could only stay for a couple days). We could play on the beach; swim in the indoor sometimes-heated pool; splash in the outdoor heated hot tub; check out Gulf World with dolphins and nearby playgrounds; and of course enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner chez Fitzhughs. Ella is 2 1/2 and Lara is 4 1/2 and the ages of the rest of us is left as an exercise for the reader.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

  1. The horizontal Lara

  2. Extraordinarily cute!

  3. Grandma gets her exercise

  4. On our first outing to the beach (the condo was right on the beach) - Ella is delighted with it all

  5. Mom in Shades

  6. Tossing sand in the air

  7. Laughing away

  8. A pose, but such a sweet pose

  9. Trying on Grandma's slippers

  10. Grandma reading to Ella: "I'm a big sister"

  11. Lara has her own book

  12. Watching carefully

  13. Satisfaction

  14. Alerted

  15. Streeeettttch

  16. Lara meets friends on the beach

  17. They slowly get used to the chilly water, thrilled by the waves coming in

  18. After each wave hits, they have to run back up the shore

  19. After a while, they nonchalently stand in the waves, letting them creep further and further up their legs, until they are (as you might expect) soaked

  20. It was windy and chilly, it should be noted!

  21. Contemplative Lara - I love this aspect

  22. and laughing Lara

  23. Running from the ocean

  24. At some point we shed the soaking wet pants since (ahem) the equivalent of swim suits were still on the girls

  25. As art shots go, rather dull

  26. So many books to read, so few hands to hold them!

  27. Ella adores her Aunt Linda

  28. Grandma's girl

  29. Gymnastics

  30. Upside down Ella

  31. Serious business of sorting sea shells (roughly several hundred were collected on every trip to the beach)

  32. The girls were standing on the tall chairs in order to sort the seashells; totally cute

  33. "Kiss Me Kate" is surprisingly a big favorite

  34. Hmm, Aunt Linda's salad is better than my salad

  35. The mini DVD player and the separate bedrooms to retire to were both wonderful things

  36. Our photographer looking rather seedy, with Ella

  37. Ready to hit the pool! It's finally heated up enough!

  38. Ah, legitimate Art Shot (tm)

  39. Eating pie to get up energy for Skip-Bo with Aunt Eileen

  40. Conked out

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