Ciao to Vyna - until next time - October 4, 2008

A lucky crowd of 13 gathered around Miriam's table groaning with delicious food to spend an evening of celebrating friends, new and old. Not farewell, but until next time!

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  1. Joe(y) and handmade ravioli!

  2. Miriam stirs one of the many dishes

  3. Geetha is clowning around but the camera catches a moment in time when it appears she is either blessing Jorge or bowing, salaam

  4. Paolo patiently endures this person who walks in and starts snapping photos

  5. Am I really supposed to add this?

  6. Tomato sauce de tomatoes, pas de botte

  7. One needs both profiles in the professional shoot.

  8. New housemate Joseph

  9. This time I gave them a fair warning I was pointing the camera their way

  10. Joseph, Pawel, Vyna, Pete

  11. Miriam, Vyna, Pawel

  12. ...and add in Joseph and Justin

  13. I try to take a silly picture of Vyna taking a picture but it takes me three tries

Marianne Mueller,
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