Sunny days in Kirchberg and Munich, September 2009

Pictures & captions by Kathi (or from Kathi, anyway!) September, 2009. Some of the captions are by Marianne it is true.

  1. Alm-Abtrieb, or The Cows Come Home To Roost (old Austrian expression)

  2. Rainer babysitting

  3. Lara and Liam

  4. Three monkeys

  5. Face painting courtesy of the workers at the play area at the Munich airport

  6. Riding horses at the Munich zoo

  7. Balloon fest Kirchberg, Austria

  8. more balloons

  9. Our favorite mountain to climb - Grosser Rettenstein and a lone balloon

  10. With Uncle Gerhard - this is how I travel these days, baby strapped to the front. Amazing how much attention one gets. Not always appreciated...

  11. Drinking beer before 11 am ... when in Rome. Or Kirchberg at the Almabtrieb festival (where the cows come down from the mountain)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 28, 2009