Photos from Munich and beyond by Kathi and Mali, early September, 2009

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    These pictures are from Mali:

  1. These pictures are from Kathi, as are the captions:

  2. crying baby ...

  3. Aunt Linda with Lara prepare for the Valley Cats game

  4. Ella's favorite mode of transportation these days. 2nd favorite: stroller

  5. go Cats!

  6. Lara checking out the fireworks (or just the views) with funky effects glasses...

  7. Lara with Caroline - moving day 1 - first day the packers came. We went out to dinner...

  8. Daddy and Ella

  9. There's our stuff. All packed in cardboard, packing paper and 12 miles of packing tape. Those guys must hear that sound in their sleep at night of pulling the tape off the spools. Yikes...3 days of it was enough to drive me mad!

  10. Rainer locking the container. Will we ever see it again (supposedly it is here in Germany already waiting for our new house to be ready for its unloading)

  11. Good-bye Clifton Park...I didn't know the garage could be so empty...

  12. on the Air Train at JFK with luggage. Good thing we were allowed some air cargo with our moving company so we kept our checked baggage to a "minimum". Hey, this stuff has to last us for 8 weeks. Plus, you should see the list of things we should have packed...

  13. Liam with Opa

  14. The 3 monkeys

  15. I think 1 has had enough

  16. Munich Olympia Park, across the street from our temporary apartment

  17. Munich with the Alps (sigh) in the background

  18. Liam's first shiner. Fell out of bed. Ooops.

  19. The girls waiting to ride the horses at the Munich Zoo

  20. There they go!

  21. Mali & Liam