Germany and Austria 2010: The Top 12 Pictures

Photos of the trip to Germany and Austria 2010; Mom and Dad and all 4 kids & spouses & 3 grandchildren convened in Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria ... also and the extended Koeniger family - Rainer's brothers and their wives and children (grand total of # of grandchildren: 7, between the ages of 1 and 10) and their mother and their mother's sisters-in-law on both sides and more people whom I'm forgetting (my apologies). The event that brought us all to Austria was the June 5 baptism of Liam, Kathi and Rainer's one-year old boy, performed by Uncle Gerhard in Kirchberg, a small village in Tirol in the alps in Austria. Kirchberg is about an hour and a half from Salzburg and about an hour and a half from Munich, where Kathi and Rainer now live.

Linda's husband Gary is working on the NOAA cleanup effort in his capacity as NOAA scientist studying fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico and he could not make the trip but he was there in spirit.

Here are the top 12 pictures out of (hold your hats) the 1,600 (or so) taken by 6 photographers: Mike, Peggie, Marianne, Linda, Kathi and Rainer. Mom's pictures will be added after I get ahold of them - those will be on a separate webpage. If Mali emails any photos those all will be added to the troutlily archive on a separate webpage.

The "Top 12" were arbitrarily determined by Marianne. Your mileage will vary. See the other webpages for what I'm calling "The Grand Compendium of the Top 199 Photos." Those 199 photos are broken up into several webpages for your viewing pleasure. Or shall we say so that it's possible to scan through them without eyes glazing over ...

Most of these pictures were taken by Linda and a couple by Marianne or Kathi.

  1. Dad and Liam in Neufahrn, Germany; late May, 2010.

  2. Liam (1), Ella (4) and Lara (6)

  3. Salzburg

  4. Getreidegasse in Salzburg

  5. In the pouring rain in Kirchberg, the inductees to the Austrian Army are watched by a little boy

  6. Birthday cake for a one-year old Liam

  7. What it generally looked like in Kirchberg when it wasn't raining

  8. Lara hiking in Aschau up to the Lapalm where we enjoyed a light lunch and drinks. Hiking in Austria is very civilized! None of this carrying granola and apples ... nice hot lunch and soda or radler or beer at the top.

  9. The sun came out for the last 3 days we were in Kirchberg

  10. Uncle Gerhard invited the kids up to the altar during the baptism. Kids, left to right: Finlay (10); Aggie (6); Ella (4); Lara (6); and Helena (8). Then there's Uncle Gerhard, Kathi, Liam, Rainer and godfather Mike.

  11. Lara has a thing for snails. She believes they need saving and she moves them to a safe place among the leaves and rocks off to the side, should any be on the path. Since there are hundreds on the path in the early morning or evening ... this empathetic gesture can seriously slow down the 5-minute walk between Hotel Sonne and the Pfarrhof.

  12. Everyone was wearing dirndls! Here are Mom and Lara.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: June 11, 2010