Kirchberg Days

Pictures not necessarily in chronological or geological order ... more like whimsical order ...

  1. In front of Dahlinger's in Salzburg

  2. Getreidegasse

  3. Budding scientist

  4. Liam loves his wheels

  5. Michael the supplicant

  6. Lara borrows some reading glasses

  7. Mom and Mali

  8. Rehabilitating the ancient photo album

  9. Writing down the names

  10. They were amazingly well organized

  11. Getting the details right

  12. Pausing on the path up to the Pfarrhof

  13. Uschi and Linda

  14. Investigating birthday presents from Grandma

  15. Ella, Lara, Rainer and Mom all accomplished hat-makers and boat-makers

  16. And now we are four

  17. At Rigoletto's for pizza

  18. Distracted

  19. Uncle Mike, here's the picture I want to show you

  20. Kirchberg in mist

  21. On the way to Lapalm in Aschau

  22. Wide grin

  23. At the market on Corpus Christe, a man cooked sweets by pouring runny dough over a rotating form

  24. Cousins coming out of the woodwork

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: June 12, 2010