Mostly Neufahrn

  1. A thoughtful young man

  2. Face painting is all the rage

  3. Strrrrretch

  4. Lara is an avid biker

  5. but looks like Ella prefers heftier transport

  6. Grandpa keeps an eye on Liam

  7. Back at the house

  8. He'll be hard to catch when he starts walking any day now

  9. Lara's been keeping an eye on Grandpa napping for years now

  10. Kathi and Liam

  11. Dirndl shopping in Munich

  12. As if born to dirndl

  13. A bit of Americana

  14. Walking inside the mountain

  15. Oldest bakery in Salzburg

  16. Salzburg

  17. Mike and Ella

  18. Wobbly right now but not for long

  19. 3 kids in a pile

  20. Birthday cake for one-year old Liam

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: June 12, 2010