Snails, Swarowski and Creches

If that doesn't say Austria, I don't know what does.

  1. Who needs to breathe?

  2. Obviously a genius

  3. Reflections

  4. Uncle Mike

  5. Pixie

  6. The Swarowski exhibits were startling and interesting but it has to be admitted they didn't have any explanatory signs to say how they make the crystals or anything. Not a museum but a sequence of art installations (most of which are very good). Here Ella stands before a wall of light fragments.

  7. Don't ask me

  8. Now these crystals stood about 8' high, sort of like enormous stallectites or stalagmites

  9. Jellyfish

  10. w/o the flash

  11. Why does anyone ever cross their arms? Well then for that reason Lara crosses her arms.

  12. Sound of Music clips on YouTube in the lobby of Hotel Sonne. Wifi 3 euros 2 hours.

  13. Lara is the heroine of a comic book series, "Snail Lady," who rescues snails wherever they are! Don't tell her what I do to snails in my vegetable patch!

  14. Shades of green

  15. The girls discover everything. In this case, that you can climb in back of the couch and stand or sit on a hidden secret bench.

  16. Middle child

  17. At the Boomerang on the occasion of Mike's 51st

  18. We had the non-smoking room to ourselves. All the action was in the smoking allowed room and bar. Mysterious sports shows like riding bulls were on TV until Mike got them to switch it to cross country biking.

  19. One of my favorites of the dozens of creches

  20. Shadow reminds me of Kathi at Cape Cod

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: June 12, 2010