Echo Lake Favorites from June 2011

Girls seriously outnumber the boys. Rainer and Liam, 2. Three sisters, their mother, two daughters of one of the sisters, a friend of another sister's and HER daughter: 8 distaff.

Photographers presented in order of age.

Click on any photo to see the larger version.

Ella the Photographer:

  1. Friendly Allie the Alligator hanging out on the paddleboat

  2. perspective

  3. Ella learns the action shot

  4. and the cameo

  5. this series really surprised me when I saw it - I really like it

Lara the Photographer:
  1. laboring mightily

  2. peace sign, the self portrait

and from Marianne:
  1. The lamp post was working in early June. By late June, not. We need to jiggle some part of the electronics, the light bulb wasn't burned out. Anyway it was beautiful while we had it.

  2. I like turning on the porch lights at night

  3. Secret revealed. Mom and I deloused one piece of furniture since the place we bought it was a rat's nest of a house of two rather grimy looking farmers out in the back country. We dusted for bed bugs and did overall fumigation to boot, then let it sit amid chemicals overnight under a tarp. I then washed it but good and let it air out for a week before taking it down to the basement. Now you know. The secret is out. But I assure you, there will be no bed bugs.

  4. Ella has arrived!

  5. Lara has arrived!

  6. Linda has arrived! Gets to work cleaning the bathroom furniture!

  7. monkey

  8. I can't decide which picture of Linda and the girls in the rowboat I like better so I am going to waste bandwidth and put both of them up.

  9. peace man

  10. monkey do

  11. little princess

  12. little angel

  13. With gloves, Cinderlara hauls wood to the cottage.

  14. Peace is popular. It must be some new kid's thing or maybe they do it on Glee or maybe it's a German thing.

  15. Buttermilk Falls

  16. taking a break on the somewhat steep trail up the falls

  17. Kathi is pretending she can't hear Ella demanding to be carried

  18. wading in the water

  19. I took about a thousand pictures of the falls but I'll spare you

  20. ferns grow everywhere

  21. Mood Shot(tm)

  22. We all wore pink so that in case anyone got lost in the woods it would be easy to find him or her. Or just to look charming.

  23. Slim Jim's are as popular as peace

  24. Art Shot(tm)

  25. We made it! Now we cross the bridge and go down the other side of the falls.

  26. This is pretty much what it looked like most of the time, going down.

  27. Or this.

  28. I admit I asked her to pose but she was already reclining in the leaves and moss.

  29. little ella in the woods

  30. In flight

  31. Liam is enraptured

  32. sometimes you get lucky. Damn fine shot if I do say so myself.

  33. Taughannock Falls near Ithaca

  34. peace

  35. Lara being asked to join the group shot

  36. the pixie has other plans

  37. rock climbing

  38. protests in vain. I should really not take her picture when she says no.

  39. Well at least someone remembered to put up a peace sign

  40. The Great Garage Extravaganza

  41. sorting

  42. and relocating

  43. Ella helps Marianne spray paint the table. We scraped it first.

  44. Liam with red table

  45. cowgirl

  46. cowgirl fisherman

  47. Many a tiny fish were caught with these there nets

  48. it is very difficult to get a shot of Liam that does not come out blurred - somehow he is always moving

  49. Fishing at night with Rachel, Sue's daughter

  50. Linda, Rachel and Sue

  51. Mom, Linda and I went for a walk

  52. Liam would stare and point at the fish for hours, left to his own devices

  53. three grinning fishermen and their catch

  54. Kathi, Rainer and Liam in the paddleboat

  55. getting ready to test the waters

  56. Ella is still getting the hang of it. After a couple days she was swinging merrily away (but still demanding to be pushed).

  57. boy with begonia

  58. elegant surfer

  59. delight

  60. Liam on his own

  61. "well you could quit taking pictures and come give me a hand"

  62. Statue of the Lady of the Lake

  63. serious water gun action

  64. Liam gets in the action

  65. Mom in lake

  66. stories

  67. Pouring water into lake (from bucket, watering can, large plastic cup ...) was very popular

  68. Cinderlara on her own started scraping the monkey swing so we could paint it

  69. Lara soon figured out it was easier to scrape the monkey swing while sitting in a chair. Smart cookie.

  70. frog eggs

  71. everyone groaned when I got out the camera.

  72. New outfit from Grandma - they went shopping and the girls picked out the clothes. Fabulous posture here.

  73. Ella's new outfit. The green vase of yellow lily pad flowers represents about half of what we picked when out in the paddleboat.

  74. boy being adorable eating melon

  75. onopoly as Ella calls her favorite game

  76. some early morning

  77. picture of pink truck is for ella

  78. last minute painting

  79. Next time we'll wear long-sleeved "paint tshirts" and gloves

  80. Funny Tree

  81. Counting me, 5 photographers of 3 kids on tree

  82. finally someone remembers to make the peace sign

  83. this time with the aunts

  84. Laura and I go for a walk just before they leave

  85. I had Lara pose in various "nature" shots ... very silly of me

  86. Lara with lichen

  87. another lichen tree

  88. Lara and I didn't want to say good by

  89. Marcia, Fred and Diane come over for quiche

  90. another early morning

  91. Mom going through photo albums

  92. we had some good sailing weather once in a while

  93. Lady Liberty sets off

  94. Flotilla

  95. Luminaria set out the evening after the boat parade in memory of people not with us this year

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 8, 2011