Annual Endwell Garden Club Gala Luncheon 2014

July 9, 2014
Endwell United Methodist Church
Speaker: Founder and owner of the Renaissnace Floral Gallery.
"Flowers for all occasions--Unique Designs/Daily Deliveries"
199 Main St., Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 217-4456 or (607) 349-2049
Contact them at
Visit their website at
"Like" them on Facebook! (If you use Facebook: visit their Facebook page and click "Like".)
And ... you are warmly invited to visit their garden in back of the store on Sundays from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. They grow the plants and flowers they use in arrangements, and sell in containers.

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Virginia Borne, Endwell Garden Club President.

Charlotte Mueller, birthday girl, with basket of birthday cards and rose vase, a present from the club.

Garden clubbers rapt with attention.

Our speaker demonstrates using foxglove in a traditional arrangement.

What is it? This plant was passed around, to much puzzlement. Clue: take a sniff! The lady in blue is Sylvia Fulk and next to her, about to take the plant, is Mollie Jo Siegal.

Dutifully sniffing. It's cilantro! Mollie Jo Siegal and Charlotte Mueller.

He points out: a rule of thumb for the height of plants inside a vase is about 1 1/2 times the height of the vase.

Adding some orange color.

He recommends: strip off leaves, both to keep water clean, and to allow more stems to fit in the vase.

The star-gazer lilies survived the harsh winter of 2013-2014 and came back fine -- in fact, seemed to come back even more than in previous years.

Filling in.

The young man to the right is the manager of the store.

Finished product! Note the hens and chicks' unusual blooms.

Dill is a great addition to an arrangement -- the tall lacy seed heads add height and a chartreuse accent.

He added a bird and some live hens and chicks to this naturalistic and Asian-inspired arrangement.

A traditional arrangement ... but with unusual papyrus stalk/foliage adding height.

A beautiful pink and white arrangement.

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