Kathi & Rainer Wedding, May 27, 2000

  1. 3 sisters on the day of the civil ceremony, May 26, 2000

  2. 3 brothers

  3. Troll toasts Kathi & Rainer in Mirabel Garden, after civil ceremony. What a toast that was! Champagne trucked in from Germany ... the sun shone bright ... brotchen from Kirchberg and Mali kept us sober for the upcoming tour of Salzburg.

  4. Witnesses for civil ceremony flank the couple

  5. Kathi & Rainer, witnesses, Rainer's parents and Kathi's Dad

  6. During civil ceremony - perched on ornate red chairs

  7. Kathi and Rainer stand for their vows

  8. Apres ceremony, on stairs: Marianne, Rainer, Kathi, Christian

  9. Mom and Marianne in Troll Garden, sampling brotchen

  10. Balloons are filled in Troll Garden, by Markus and Christian

  11. Neun und Neunzig Heart-Balloons!

  12. Troll offers broetchen

  13. Heart-Balloons fly into wilderness

  14. Dad, Marianne and Gerhard toast the couple

Marianne Mueller
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