Christmas 2000

  1. Mom next to the wreath of her creation

  2. Close up of wreath

  3. Dad invites Annikin to scratch on newly de-barked post! Annikin continues to feign indifference.

  4. Dad carries Christmas tree - a nine foot ten inch Douglas Fir, bought at the Boy Scouts' on El Camino Real in San Carlos. $54.

  5. Mom helps carry the tree to the tiny Honda civic!

  6. "Hey look! Free greenery!"

  7. Annnikin approves of new water dish.

  8. The tree is up, if naked.

  9. Under the house, in the crawl space, Annikin discovers a new perch

  10. Annikin hides inside suitcase full of Christmas tree ornaments

  11. The lights are on the tree

  12. Dad punches one of three large holes in the ground, in preparation for installing the new lamp posts that light up the pathway (35 steps from street to front door ...)

  13. Annikin thinks that water standing in the hamburger pan is grand

  14. The great Mushroom Walk at Big Basin State Park, on Dec 23, 2000. The park ranger is packing a gun. She claims it's to ward off feral pigs.

  15. Mom poses with the walking stick Dad carved out

  16. Dad's ears are kept warm and dry in Marianne's tiny little wool cap

  17. Mom and Dad hide inside enormous, hollowed-out redwood. They survive fire just fine.

  18. Marianne inside a root system of a tree

  19. every stage of green growth

  20. Dad inside an old ring of trees

  21. It wasn't as dark as it looks ...

  22. Two tall trees leaning into the wind

  23. Mom highlights some fungus

  24. Your guess is as good as mine!

  25. Later that day, we ate dinner at this restaurant that featured a river running through it. An attempt to capture this surreal, if hokey, scene did not work out.

Marianne Mueller
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