Halloween 2000

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  1. Esa and John prepare for trick or treating (55948 bytes)

  2. Scuba-Pirate John and Wizard Esa (56333 bytes)

  3. Esa protects her haul (69051 bytes)

  4. Evan resorts to the evil eye when playing checkers (58440 bytes)

  5. Kathi in the San Carlos pizzeria (50969 bytes)

  6. Annikin sleeps in Kathi's luggage (58555 bytes)

  7. Kathi looks off into the future (Marianne forced her to take on this pose) (54055 bytes)

  8. Finally, a great picture! Kathi before her big interview, standing next to Marianne's exciting new lamp (42600 bytes)

  9. Kathi at my favorite Mexican place in Mountain View, La Fiesta (62478 bytes)

  10. Tricia, Steve and Evan, on the last day of the baseball season (57909 bytes)

  11. A lake at sunset, in the Skyline Open Space Preserve (38193 bytes)

  12. John hugs a tree - note that the base reads "Neenah", his hometown (103392 bytes)

Marianne Mueller
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