Point Lobos, October 25, 2000

Point Lobos is the name of a spot on the California coast near Monterey and Carmel. It's also the name of the park, which might be second most fantastic park in the world after Yosemite, or then again, there may be other contenders. Point Lobos is a tiny little park, tucked away along the misty and windy and cloudy coast.

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  1. California coast paradise (75,234 bytes)

  2. Green slopes slide into grey bay (184,181 bytes)

  3. Branches buttress the home tree (107,281 bytes)

  4. Gnarled and weathered and tough, these trees (284,704 bytes)

  5. Rock, water, fire (65,350 bytes)

  6. Oh man, is this the Monterey Pine or the Cypress Pine? Don't turn me into the State Reserve Thought Police. (97,819 bytes)

  7. Pines, of one sort or another, laying themselves flat to the wind (90,224 bytes)

  8. The fog never leaves southern California, it just migrates from spot to spot. (79,415 bytes)

Marianne Mueller
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