February, 2001

  1. Princess Grace of Monacco

  2. Monet's view of flowers in the yoga room

  3. More of our Grace Kelly

  4. Bunny Suit Kathi, Take #1

  5. Bunny Suit Kathi, Take #2

  6. Marianne at imac

  7. Marianne at Macy's, contemplating purchase of magnificent Maytag Neptune Energy Star Washing Machine

  8. Marianne at Macy's, #2

  9. Meg Ryan

  10. The Maytag Neptune Energy Star Washing Machine face: very friendly, while incredibly multi-dimensional and complex!

  11. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Machine

  12. Marianne demonstrates the pouring of detergent

  13. And here, detergent is shown being poured. This is about as exciting as it gets.

Marianne Mueller
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