Summer at the Lake: 23 Aug 2000 - 30 Aug 2000

  1. Kathi and Rainer smiling to dazzle the sun

  2. Dad practices with the video recorder

  3. Dad demonstrates docking techniques

  4. Mom waves from the porch

  5. Dad checks water temperature

  6. Gerhard swims to shore

  7. Gerhard relaxes after swimming across the lake

  8. Dad and Rainer drain the paddle boat

  9. Newlyweds in paddleboat (bonus shot of mrm's thumb)

  10. Kathi and Rainer paddle furiously to escape marsh!

  11. Kathi and Rainer at an overlook in Morgan State Park

  12. No idea what this is a picture of.

  13. Kathi and Rainer at a stream in Morgan Park

  14. Kathi, a.k.a Smokey Bear, pours a quart of water on a simmering camp fire

  15. Dad describes s'more techniques

  16. Rainer further demonstrates s'more techniques

  17. Fire, walk with me. Or, let me eat my s'more.

  18. Kathi and Rainer toast marshmallows

  19. Sleeping Beauties

  20. Kathi and Rainer squint at the sun on the porch

  21. Dad prepares to fuel the 747's

  22. Mom, Kathi and Rainer inside the bright pine cottage

  23. Dad, Kathi and Rainer outside at their rental car, before they take off

  24. Dad demonstrates blueberry picking techniques

  25. Dad and I check out the Conner's new dock. Someone has to do the beta test.

  26. Yellow and blue sailfish on the lake, not moving fast ...

  27. Dad leans on porch of that new cottage across the lake, the one whose porch is too close to the lake but we're not going to make waves about it.

  28. Dad catches some rays early in the day

  29. First, one must critically examine the glue gun.

  30. Next, engage the glue gun.

  31. Then, apply glue gun to bits of wood, and make them into a criss-crossed frame

  32. My loot. I traveled light, and shopped heavy.

  33. Dad calculates capital improvements, on the porch on a hazy day

  34. I brought out a wooden toy truck I bought, for some after-market gluing.

  35. Gluing the wooden frames has evolved into a group activity

  36. "And you see, the old folks who come to my Garden Therapy will first glue on the moss, onto the wooden frame I give them, and then they'll add the pumpkins, and ..."

  37. Mom splashes about with the paddle board, on a gorgeous sunny day

  38. The frame of the future upper-body and lower-body workout gym

  39. "You already took a picture of me working outside, on the porch." "But this picture will be different."

  40. Greene Library: a magnificent, beautiful, wondrous building and place. Done in the Carnegie style.

Marianne Mueller
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