Cathy, Kathi and Marianne do the town

Cathy Zimmerman, a grad school friend of Kathi's who is now living and working in the Chicago area (she works for BP as a chemical engineer), visited for a great but too-short weekend in early spring 2001.

Click on the small image to get the mid-size version, and click on the phrase "large version" to get the ultra big version!

  1. Golden Gate Bridge - large version

  2. Don't Jump! - large version

  3. Marianne exhibits poor taste in joking about crisis phone - large version

  4. Cathy and Kathi in dining room of Green's Restaurant in San Francisco - large version

  5. Kathi bought some outrageously cool Nike shoes at NikeTown in downtown San Francisco - large version

  6. Marianne talking, what else is new, during lunch at the Chandon Winery in Napa - large version

  7. Cathy, Marianne and Kathi at lunch in Chandon winery - large version

  8. Cathy at lunch at Chandon - large version

  9. Unexpectedly, we ran into Karin and Nika and Ian in downtown Palo Alto - large version

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