March 9-16, 2001
Houston Spring Break

  1. Rachel cleans up on ice cream machine

  2. Rachel and Ryan team up on roller blades

  3. Kathi and Dad rest their eyes just a bit

  4. Mike, Dad, Rachel, Ryan in living room at Beaconshire

  5. Jill, Finlay, Mom, Christian in living room at Beaconshire

  6. Finlay contemplates disassembly of Marianne's structure

  7. "This is getting better and better", muses Finlay

  8. Finlay muzzles dog

  9. Dad turns 72 with the next generation watching from behind: Rachel and Finlay

  10. Mom and Rachel provide resting place for dogs

  11. The dogs just need to get petted

  12. Close-up with Rachel and the dogs

  13. Ryan and Finlay

  14. Ryan demonstrates his sundae creation

  15. Rachel and Ryan are going to have to remind me what this was about - we were eating all we could eat on Sunday

  16. Michaelangelo, eat your heart out! Or is it DaVinci?

  17. Extremely scary shot of Mike starting in on dessert

  18. Laughing boy with brownie and ice cream

  19. Yellow roses of Texas, a'slumber

  20. Mom and Dad in kitchen at Beaconshire

  21. Incredibly adorable portrait of Boy With Dog

  22. The little dog looks for a break - can he escape?

  23. Rachel suns herself in the 80 degree heat of a Texan March -- soon she will be in the water!

  24. Ryan gets ready to sail his radio-controlled yacht

  25. Rachel weaves a beautiful 4-color bracelet for Marianne

Marianne Mueller
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