Hybrid Rotarians, February 24, 2001

Saturday morning started off with a spin around the block in the new Honda Insight, a gas/electric hybrid that sells for $20k+, and which gets 70 mpg. It's a two seater with virtually no cargo space, so I talked myself out of it, and went on to the Rotary fundraiser with Kathi. We had our hair elaborately down at a place down on Laurel St. Although we didn't win any of the raffle prizes, I didn't come away empty handed. I "won" the juicer for a $75 bid in the silent auction. The juicer purports to sell for $120; who knows its worth?

Click on the picture to get the "medium" size, and click on the "large" link to get the bigger size.

  1. Marianne with the silver Insight / large version

  2. Et encore / large version

  3. The silver Honda 2001 Insight / large version

  4. The red Honda 2001 Insight / large version

  5. Et encore / large version

    ...And now on to the golden fundraiser ...

  6. Golden Tickets / large version

  7. Marianne under the dryer, at a good hairdresser on Laurel St. that Kathi found / large version

  8. Kathi, before, allegedly without makeup / large version

  9. Kathi, before / large version

  10. Marianne, before; posing at the staircase / large version

  11. Marianne, still smiling before ... / large version

  12. ... and smiling and smiling ... / large version

  13. Kathi, aloof / large version

  14. Kathi, silly / large version

  15. Kathi, slightly out of focus / large version

  16. Kathi, up close / large version

  17. Kathi & Marianne in the grand hall of the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores, that pleasant area of landfill at the edge of the bay, ringed by industrial salt drying ponds and home to thousands of Silicon Valley transients (that is to say, weekly workers who commute in to the valley and then go home to Ohio or wherever on the weekends, or, who live temporarily in Redwood Shores until they can find a real apartment or house)
    / large version

  18. Marianne, in hotel / large version

  19. Kathi & Marianne, at the table / large version

  20. Marianne with cigarette - FAKE cigarette!!! / large version

  21. And Marianne with the wondrous juicer that was won, er, purchased / large version

  22. Marianne, with juicer, smiling / large version

  23. And more joy was had in Redwoodland, when Marianne brought home her juicer / large version

Marianne Mueller
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