Yosemite 2000

I took 3 rolls of film during the 3-day Yosemite Association seminar, "Three Great Walks", October 20-22, led by Julie Miller. If you'd like good (photo paper, etc.) copies of any of the pictures, that's fine - just email me the exact number, like "roll 1, shot 17". You can mention the caption of the photo just to be safe. These were shot using APS film (that is, not with a digital camera) so the originals are in fact a lot sharper than the online versions.

If you prefer to download all the photos in one shot, click on the zip links, below. What you'll get in that case is a zip file that contains all the photos, plus the thumbnail shots and the index. When you have the zip file on your PC, you need to unzip it using a zip/unzip utility like the one known as WinZip. You can download a copy of WinZip from http://www.winzip.com. Then, you can use your browser on the index.html file and browse the photos locally.

  1. Roll the First, and zip file of Roll the First (2.8 megabytes)

  2. Roll the Second, and zip file of Roll the Second (2.4 megabytes)

  3. Roll the Third, and zip file of Roll the Third (1.3 megabytes)

Photos from other folks on the trip:

  1. Martha's

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