Yosemite 2000, Roll the Second

The first 11 pictures were taken during a hike in Wawona, near the giant Sequoias. (October 21, 2000, led by Julie Miller from Yosemite Association)

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  1. Things scientists do: the net inside trunk is to catch bat droppings (105857 bytes)

  2. I like looking at the tops of trees (70560 bytes)

  3. Sequoias not only survive fire, they need fire (92373 bytes)

  4. Grandmother Trunk (114009 bytes)

  5. Treetop of Grandmother Trunk (74011 bytes)

  6. And yet these trees have shallow roots - only a few feet deep, but spread out (69094 bytes)

  7. Julie and the gang (103510 bytes)

  8. Dinner at the Wawona Hotel, #1 (60956 bytes)

  9. Dinner, #2 (73052 bytes)

  10. Dinner, #3 (73550 bytes)

  11. Dinner, #4 (66570 bytes)

    The next 14 pictures are from the third day's hike, from Glacier Point Road up to Dewey Point and Stanford Point, and back down to the parking lot near the Wawona Tunnel. (October 22, 2000, led by Julie Miller from Yosemite Association)

  12. Yes, Julie is in snow! The night before, a storm blew in, toppled a big tree near employee housing in Yosemite Valley at 2:30 a.m., and whipped through with strong winds. The next day was crystal clear and calm and gorgeous. (84408 bytes)

  13. Shed-the-sweaters-and-long-underwear break (106961 bytes)

  14. Eternity of granite (98810 bytes)

  15. An attempt at providing scale. A failed attempt. That would be the boot of the person taking the picture. (77961 bytes)

  16. Miniature people - I need a zoom (91367 bytes)

  17. Lunch break (100989 bytes)

  18. Perspective, #2 (102001 bytes)

  19. Hiker Sue with her poles! (126415 bytes)

  20. Cleft (91119 bytes)

  21. Julie gestures to the future (83939 bytes)

  22. Sue at Crocker Point (I think) (84440 bytes)

  23. And one more again (89011 bytes)

  24. Crocker Point (93186 bytes)

  25. "... mountains come out of the sky, and they stand there" (108186 bytes)

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